Our Vision

Bromley as a prosperous borough where businesses thrive, new businesses aspire to locate, and our residents experience high levels of employability

The London Borough of Bromley

This strategy forms an essential part of our strategic framework across the borough.

Bromley is rightly recognised as a place that is good for businesses, good for residents and good for enterprises. Our residents are highly skilled and have high levels of employability which is reflected in our high levels of employment.

Our borough has an economy which supports everyone to prosper and to feel comfortable to achieve their economic dreams. We continue to be open for business and, through our proactive approach, we continue to support our existing businesses whilst encouraging new businesses to develop and thrive.

We continue to leverage in investment into the borough which is supporting our economy through the establishment of new businesses, the regeneration of our urban and rural areas, and a focus on developing our renewal areas that are identified in our Local Plan.

Economic development strategy

Our Strategy

This strategy has a clear purpose which is complemented by a clear structure.

This Economic Development Strategy is the first of its kind in Bromley. It provides an insight into our economy, our aspirations to support economic growth and the key priority areas that will enable the achievement of this desired growth over the next 10 years.

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